Spirit Series, Cont’d

I’ve added bold florals and just hints of expression…who spends hours reworking tiny eyes and shapes that convey emotion?




Love is next.

“My paintings aren’t selling,” I told my husband. He gets excited for me (and excited for his accounts) when I sell a few. I guess he thought they were in demand.  I’ve been isolated in my little corner of the joy of the series, “spirit”.

I’m participating in the Indie Market on Park next Saturday morning. “Forgiveness” and other pieces will be there, available for purchase.

Hope to see you there or inquire here with a comment.

God is good. He gives me time to paint, to write and to pray!


Yesterday, I gave this simple piece away. The recipient a friend who lives the lyrics of a thoughtful country tune, he believes most people are good.

Mixed media on wood with words