It’s impossible (for me, at least) to reproduce the art of another.

Art, my most representative of my heart and soul art, is slowly spontaneous.

A balm for my soul, a departure from what thoughts ail me.

I slip away and create.

Two pieces that began separately and eventually became related, sibling scenes.

“Stormy Sea” “Quiet Coast” oil on canvas

Doing a New Thing

Last week, I saw the quote about the “must-ness” of doing the thing you think you cannot do, followed by the one about falling or flying and finally, one I came up with on my own…

You were not made to cower. You were made to create.

So here’s goes somethin’!

Mixed Media on reclaimed wood

I’m moving my art to a page of its own, a place to let it come to rest or to show itself in a way I pray brings a smile, a pause or a ponder.

Pieces as noted in comments available for purchase and I’ll accept commissions here as well…Angels and other.

Soon, I’ll add some photos of paintings sold and new pieces.

The angelic paintings, I call ” my girls” are typically pieces created inspired by a favorite hymn or as a way to remember and honor a special someone.

And I’ll be thanking my Heavenly Father for how far He’s brought me thus far and reminding of what things, new things are possibly with Him.

And with you, the ones who helped me to believe.